Blessings of a Hairdresser

It’s Friday evening November 12th 2010. I would guess most people are getting ready to go out for the evening to their favorite hot spots or possibly to have dinner at their favorite area restaurant.

Five years ago, the then very young team at Blo would probably have been among those people. My guess is that this evening, most of the exceptional people I have the pleasure of working next to everyday are at home enjoying some quiet time, resting their tired feet, tired shoulders, tired minds, and probably enjoying the feeling that comes with knowing they’ve contributed all they had today to supporting something bigger than themselves.

Whether it was lending a helping hand to a teammate, giving that little extra to a guest who needed it, or polishing up their work place in between guests, I know many of them felt the magic today. As I sit here in the quiet packing my backpack to continue my pilgrimage around the globe stalking U2, I’m reminded of the many blessings I have behind me, around me, and in front of me because of this wonderful industry and the exceptional people who choose to work at Blo.

Blo is a very special place but it’s only bricks and mortar without the people who bring it to life each moment. If I thanked those people everyday, it wouldn’t be enough. I won’t go so far as to say these people would come to work for free but I know how hard they work for themselves, each other, and most importantly, you the guest.

I also know they don’t do it for the money only. I’ve seen each of them carry the emotion of disappointing a guest or two. I’ve seen them come in on their day off just to take care of a guest in need. I’ve seen them rescue hair color gone wrong, make countless wedding days memorable for countless brides, and introduce many a man to a “real” haircut. Using hair gel is also a personal preference, if you are someone who is new to it, you can always have a look at this article here and get the necessary tips.

I’ve seen them be the highlight of someone’s day and low point of someone’s life all in the same hour. I’ve seen them fail so miserably that it drove many of them to tears and thoughts of giving up or quitting.  I’ve seen them go from the immature rawness of hair school to blossoming editorial stylists, mentors, educators, artists, philanthropists, and so on.

I’ve seen them go from in debt to debt free; from no savings and no insurance to independent, responsible, empowered, compassionate, supportive young professionals. I’ve seen each one of them succeed to levels that have helped redefine their own belief systems and expectations of themselves as well as those they surround themselves with.

Being in a position to watch the growth of these exceptional people has been one of my greatest blessings and I would bet many of them would say the same about each other. Hairdressing has contributed more to my life than I could ever dream of giving back. So, on behalf of my teammates, (in the spirit of ‘giving thanks’) I would like to thank our valued guests. By supporting our business each day, you give each of us the opportunity to enjoy so many blessings. May you and your loved one’s have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


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