Pro Hair Color Techniques

Professional Hair Color Techniques for a Gorgeous New Look


Looking for a hair color change? There are so many options out there this year, and our professional colorists at Blo are trained on all the latest hair color techniques and styles to ensure that we can deliver the look you want, like these:



  • Balayage. The natural looking results make balayage a popular hair color choice. With balayage, your Blo colorist will paint your highlight color on freehand, creating natural looking streaks of color that blend well into your base color. Named for the French word for “to paint,” balayage makes your hair a unique work of art that needs little upkeep because it grows out looking natural.


  • Lowlights. Lowlights are the opposite of highlights. Instead of adding a lighter color to your hair, your Blo colorist adds a darker hue to create light-reflecting dimension. Lowlights can darken up a bright summer shade to help you transition into colder months.


  • Ombre. You’ve seen it everywhere, because ombre is one of the most popular looks this year. It uses a darker color or natural shade at the root blended into a lighter color at the ends. Normally, it’s a high-contrast difference, but you can customize it to a sombre look, which has less contrast between the two colors. You can also try a reverse ombre, with the lighter shade on top and the darker color at the bottom, which requires more touch-ups. One trend we’re seeing is the toasted coconut look, where the roots are dark as in a traditional ombre but the transition to a much lighter blonde begins much higher, just a couple of inches from the root, creating a “toasted” effect.


  • Foils. Foils are the traditional technique for highlighting, and they have their place when you’re going for a certain look. Foils create chunkier, more symmetrical highlights that work well with many of the color trends we’re seeing this season.


  • Foilage. Foilage brings the best of two techniques together to create a personalized look for you. your Blo colorist will paint on your highlights in strategic locations just like a balayage technique, then will then fold the strands into foils for a bolder look. It’s a unique effect with all the benefits of a natural looking balayage and a color that looks more vibrant down the strand.


No matter what color you want, the professionals at Blo will help you choose the ideal fit for your lifestyle and personality. If you’re new to Blo, we have the perfect tool to get you started: Snap Snip! It’s a fun new way to show your Blo colorist exactly how you’d like your hair to look. Just take photos of the front and back of your hair and submit them on the Snap Snip page, then upload some inspiration photos of the color look you love. Our professional colorists will create an action plan to get you the look you want, then will call you so you can book your appointment and get an estimate of the price and how much time you’ll need to book in the salon. It’s a great way to turn your hair color dream into a reality! The user-friendly website guides you through the whole process. It also works if you’re looking for a new haircut, an updo style, or a cut and color combo.


Our Blo colorists are experienced professionals who know how to take care of your hair. It’s important to ensure that your hair is in its best condition before and during coloring so your color looks vibrant and lasts as long as possible. We use only professional Redken® hair color products to ensure that your hair is kept soft, healthy, and manageable and so your color stays salon-fresh long after you leave Blo Salon. Many of our colorists are Redken® Color Certified Stylists, an industry standard professional certification that ensures your salon professional at Blo is an expert in coloring products, techniques, and the latest styles.


Ready to get a gorgeous, vibrant new color for the seasons ahead? Make an appointment today at Blo Salon. Our professional colorists can help you get the look you want, in person or through our exclusive Snap Snip system, and all our stylists are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best all year round. You can find us at 8451 Brier Creek Pkwy, Suite 101, in Raleigh, NC, or call 919.484.8600 to book your appointment. New clients can use our Snap Snip system or call our salon for an appointment. Returning clients can book online with our convenient appointment schedule system or call anytime for questions and information for your haircare needs.