Dear Valued Guest,

*New friends to Blo who do not require a color service, please call us at (919) 484-8600 to schedule.

**If you are new to Blo and require a color service, please submit your virtual consultation from a mobile device here and our Guest Advocate team will reach out quickly to assist you with booking.

Designer Schedules

One of the innovative measures we’ve created to successfully adapt is our Personal Protective Schedule. The PP schedule allows our team to work full-time hours while eliminating prolonged exposure to the majority of our team. Our design team is now divided into two teams of twelve. These two teams will alternate two days working and two days off. The two teams of twelve will be divided into sub groups of six and partitioned by the center wall of the salon. Essentially, we’ve created two separate salons within Blo. This measure increases safety, mitigates risk immeasurably, and insulates our team and guests from the potential of a company wide quarantine.

With 4,242 square feet of space, Blo has a considerable advantage over most salons in regard to following social distancing guidelines. The State Board of Cosmetology and Governor’s office have mandated no more than 12 customers per 1,000 square feet of retail space. Blo’s protective measures make it impossible for more than 32 customers to be in the building at any one time, despite being allowed up to 51. The likelihood of even 32 happening for any sustainable amount of time is extremely low.

Please enter the center door in the front of the building and turn left toward the front desk to check-in at the Welcome Back Table. If you are a single process color guest and would like to take advantage of our new Express Root Touch Up Service, you may leave immediately after your color is applied and shampoo your color out at home. We will assist you in setting a processing timer on your phone. We’ll share how to include that in your appointment request a little further down.

1. Masks covering nose and mouth are required inside Blo. You may bring your own, but it must be the kind that loops over your ears so we can work around it. Don’t worry, we have medical grade tape to secure your mask while we work safely around your ears.

2. Only people receiving services will be permitted inside. Parents who bring their children for a service, but are not receiving one themselves, must remain outside. No exceptions.

3. Please only bring essential items such as keys, cellphone, and wallet. A paper gift bag, including a product sample and an individually wrapped alcohol wipe, will be provided at check-in to hold your personal items. If you bring in a large purse we ask that you leave it at your designers station during a color service so as to keep the community areas, like the color table, safe.

4. We encourage the use of touchless payments such as Apple or Google Pay if possible. We still accept our usual forms of payment and our ATM is available.

5. If you need something to eat or drink, you may bring it with you. We ask only that you take what you bring. For your protection and ours, we will not be providing any food or drink.

PPE and Safety

One of Blo’s core values is transparency. We don’t mind sharing how disorienting the shutdown was for us. Now, we are putting all of our energy into creating a safe and satisfying environment where you can look, feel, and be your best. To that end, we are limiting ourselves to 50% of capacity to create optimal social distancing, staffing to reduce congestion, requiring personal protective equipment (PPE), and implementing sanitation and workflow processes designed to reduce your risk and increase your peace of mind.

Whether you’re an existing or a new friend to Blo, you can request a new appointment here. You will have the opportunity to mention you are interested in the Express Root Touch Up Service. No service outside of a single process root application is eligible for the Express Root Touch Up. Because less time is required for the Express Root Touch Up, it may mean you don’t have to wait as long for an appointment.

Thank you for your patience and support as we collaborate through this new landscape together.