Got Phone Skills?

We're always looking for positive, energetic people to join our guest services team. Visit our online application page to submit your application or resume.

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Does Blo have a dress code?

This is the number one question we're asked in interviews. Our dress code is simple. Be You! Be Stylish! Be Blodacious! Dress mindfully to attract the type of guests you want to serve. The only thing we ask of you is to save your blue denim for your home.

I'm Tired Of Wearing All Black

Got Bills?

We understand it may be difficult to part with a job that has helped you through school. It's especially difficult for those of us who have bills to pay during the lean times of a training program. No worries, we'll work with you with the ultimate goal of transitioning you into a full-time professional hairdresser.

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Ready to apply to Blossom?

Well, don't wait another minute! Visit our online application page and fill out an application or upload your resume.

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Want to come see what we're about?

No Problem. Send an email to our owner at with "Shadow Request" in the subject line. Bryan will have our human resources director contact you directly to arrange a shadow date and time that is convenient for you.

I Want To Come And Observe

Want us to come to you?

Our team is always eager to meet the future of our industry. We offer several types of in-school classes. From demonstration to hands-on to motivational, we've got you covered. Have your director send a request to and we'll be there.

I Want Blo To Visit My School

Are You Experienced?

Rumor has it we only hire hairdressers fresh out of school. That couldn't be further from the truth. We welcome all positive, hardworking, open-hearted hairdressers. If you feel you're ready to grow with us, visit our online application page and fill out an application or upload your resume.

I'm An Experienced Hairdresser

What's The Benefit?

Blo's award winning benefits package includes: One of the most comprehensive continuing education programs in the industry, your own mentor, health insurance, supplemental insurance, a Simple IRA retirement program with employer match, paid vacation, paid philanthropic days, all engineering tools i.e. blowdryers, flat irons, brushes, etc..., a prime location serving over 26,000 customers annually, and the reputation of one of the most notable salons in the America.

I'm Tired Of Not Having Benefits

Nervous about getting stuck?

Blossom offers you a clear and concise path of growth. From day one you'll receive clearly defined goals necessary to achieve each of the three Blossom levels. Our guests and team collectively understand the importance and impact Blossom has on those who choose to commit to it. You can count on overwhelming support from both on your way to achieving your goal of becoming a Blo designer. How long will it take? It's completely up to you!

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Curious about Blossom?

Blossom is more than a training program or service of Blo. It's a commitment our team has toward one another that includes personal accountability and a will to serve others. Blossom teaches us that our own success depends on the success of the people around us. Simply put, Blossom is the foundation of Blo.

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