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Best Hair Salons in Raleigh

Blo Referring Sites and Reviews

We are always grateful to sites lke The Net 24 who help Raleigh residents find the best salon in Raleigh. Some other great resource are StoreFound, Pros In Town, ADDR and Pages 24. We'd like to thank Brian Schmidt of BJ's Design Studio. He helps us with a lot of our design and print work. Dirt & Noise is a great local blog written by one of our valued clients and Brier Creek resident. Travel North Carolina, Salons Near Me, Find Any Business NC are great resources for the state of North Carolina. And finally, Pages Bee rounds out our list of resources for local businesses along with Yellow Pages

Blo and Your Wedding Day

We would love to be part of your special day. Check out some of our brides and bridal parities. Bridal Party 1 - Bridal Party 2 - Bridal Party 3 - Bridal Party 4 - Bridal Party 5 - Merrit's Photography - Bridal Party 6 -

Blo Reaches The Ukraine

It's not everyday that your salon receives notoriety in another country, let alone be featured as a centerfold spread in a Ukrainian magazine. It's hard to believe that a salon which originated with only two chairs in a space the size of a walk-in closet could grow to where Blo has grown. We remain humble and grateful for the opportunity to serve others and we very much appreciate Scissors for this incredible feature.

Blo Wins STAMP Award

Salon Today gives Blo the nod in its annual marketing awards program for the third straight year.

  • It continues to be an amazing year at Blo. This year we were honored by SALON TODAY with the cover and three STAMP awards The first being for our innovative Lemonade Marketing with our logo. The second for our SNOWMAGEDDON social media post that went viral around the world. Lastly, for our branded purse hangers

  • We're thrilled to be honored by Salon Today in two categories of this year's STAMP Awards. The first in the Philanthropic Campaign category for our Movember campaign and the other for our print ad in Indy Week Magazine's "Best Of The Triangle" edition.

  • This year's STAMP Awards saw Blo win in two categories. The "In Salon Promotion" category for our team's creative invitations to a VIP event geared toward introducing guests to Greatlengths extention services. The second was in the "Overall Coordinated Campaign" category where our Think Small Campaign was awarded the STAMP.