Men’s Hair Services

Men's Haircutting

Our team is full of innovative designers, classically trained in precision and creativity. Visit our concierge page and - Search By Design - to find Blo Designers who specialize in men's hair as well as their individual rates.

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Color Camo

Color Camo's unique formula is engineered to camouflage grey without the common side effects associated with coloring your hair. In other words... Your hair won't turn red when it fades! Say goodbye to shoe polish black and say hello to Color Camo from Redken. Visit the link below to learn more about Redken's specially formulated color for men.

Color Camo

Waxing: Brow $20 | Nose $20 | Both $35

Tired of that caterpillar on your forehead or those unsightly nose hairs? We can help! Cirépil is a natural, non sticky, low temperature wax that is guaranteed to leave your un-compromised. Cirépil adheres to your hair not your skin, significantly reducing redness and inflammation with virtually zero pain.

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